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Group accommodation
Events, Clubs, Family Celebrations, Marriage, Schooltrips

information request button, part of Ship-arrangements offers lodging for groups on floating hotels: the so called hotelships.

Groupaccommodation in the Netherlands, Holland, Amsterdam on a ship, during events, schooltrips, family celebrations, etc...

Contact us and ask for the opportunities.

Are you looking for a bed & breakfast, full pension or an all inclusive hotel for a group? You found it!

We supply custom organized business and group arrangements, for example a matching location for company trainings and/or workshops.

Contact us and ask for the opportunities.


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Group accommodation in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Holland

During events, you maybe want to find and accommodation for you and your party close to the event. We offer you the opportunity.
Think of events such as concerts, Oerol and Sail Amsterdam.

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Clubs can also approach us for a party, sport event or a theater show including an overnight stay.

Family celebration
Do you have something to celebrate with your family? But you all live far away from each other? It would be fun to stay the night at a ship together. The party can also be celebrated on board. We can organize theme parties and a delightful catering.

School trips
Are you going to visit an interesting city with your school and you don’t want to stay the night at a cheap hotel or youth hostel? Surprise your students and book a ship as a hotel.

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For a journey on a sailing ship, visit

We also organize school trips.

During the whole year we offer a flexible and warm hotelship in several interesting cities for groups. For example in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Volendam, Groningen, Leeuwarden, Harlingen, Kampen, Zwolle, Texel, Terschelling, Vlieland, Ameland or a location chosen by you.

For more information,
contact us.
For information mail or call 0031 644148959