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nederlands, part of Ship-arrangements offers lodging for groups on floating hotels: the so called hotelships.

Are you looking for a bed & breakfast, full pension or an all inclusive hotel for a group? You found it!

We supply custom organized business and group arrangements, for example a matching location for company trainings and/or workshops.

Contact us and ask for the opportunities.


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About Sandra Zeinstra

My name is Sandra Zeinstra. I was born and raised in Harlingen. In 2011 I returned to Harlingen after 28 years living in other districts of the Netherlands.
Besides my regular education, I also fulfilled the education of holistic reiki therapist.

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After about 20 years of working in the graphic industry, as prepress manager, account manager and other functions, I finally got to fulfill my childhood dream in 2007. I got a job as sailor and hostess on the luxury sailingship ‘t Wapen fan Fryslân’.
In 2008 I crossed the canal to London (Great Britain) and I worked as hostess/sailor on tallship The Artemis.
Because of my experience with catering companies on ships, I know how to separate the wheat from the chaff.

While working on these luxury sailing ships, I got to experience what this setting does to people. I think that “a ship” is a very inspiring environment for personal development, teambuilding, brainstorming sessions and company trainings or company party's , because you get to let go all of your day-to-day worries. You can also create an environment that’s completely free of interference.
Above-mentioned and my slightly spiritual leanings (I absolutely have both feet on the ground) are the reasons why I decided to start my company “Scheepsarrangementen” in 2010, of which is a part.

My passions became my job!

I’m able to, unlike most shipping companies and booking agents, pick the most appropriate ship for you or your company that fits you and your demands.

Sometimes you have to change the direction to be able to reach the right harbor…

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For a journey on a sailing ship, visit

We also organize school trips.

During the whole year we offer a flexible and warm hotelship in several interesting cities for groups. For example in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Volendam, Groningen, Leeuwarden, Harlingen, Kampen, Zwolle, Texel, Terschelling, Vlieland, Ameland or a location chosen by you.

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For information mail or call 0031 644148959